no later than 12H00, Ideally it would be best to find a plane that arrives in on early in the afternoon and which leaves in the late afternoon.
If you arrive in a few days before the trip and workshop, we can pick you up before picking up the other interns from the airport. obviously with a supplement

Yes, this is a country where you will have no security concerns. Our itinerary is well marked and we will always be accompanied by local guides. Tourists who in the past have been attacked, have ventured to places where even Moroccans would not dare to go. So leave without fear: for my part I feel much more in danger at the Gare de Lyon than in the middle of the palm grove!

Rest assured, we will be a small group! The course is confirmed as soon as there are 6 registered participants and we can go up to 12, even 15 at most. A small group allows the teacher to have time with everyone; beyond that it is a little bit difficult but not impossible Finally, know that it is possible to come accompanied by your spouse or your children. The accompanying persons benefit from all the visits, but pay a little less because they will not have the workshop with the instructor.
- The meeting point is in Casablanca or Marrakech airport (depends on the start of our journey)

Our guide throughout the stay, will be there with the bus and a driver, pick you up at the exit Airport (the main arrivals gate), as soon as you pass the door that leads to the outside. Here are his contact details in case of delay: +212 6 60 19 43 24 Or +212 6 78 79 49 03.

Our driver will drive us directly from the airport to Casablanca (a 1 hour drive), where we will be expected for dinner and to spend our first night.

It depends on the program

The rooms have a large beds with bathroom and toilet in each room.

See conditions

Everything is included in the price: full room and board, internal transport and tours. Just plan a little change for your drinks on the terrace and your souvenir purchases. There is a currency exchange office at the airport, just before the exit, which does not take any commission.
For information, 1 euro = 10 dirhams, 1 dollar = 10 dirhams approximately

In all the hotels, sheets, blankets and towels are provided, even at the camp in the desert, where we will spend a night.

Take light clothes, because it can be very hot during the day, but also a small fleece for the evening, because the nights are cool. There is a swimming pool so you can take your swimsuit. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses and a scarf or cap to protect your head!

See the teacher
*List Of The Busiest Airports In Morocco*
# Casablanca:
**Located 30 kilometres south-east of Casablanca.
**Is among the five busiest airports in Africa.
# Marrakech:
MARRAKESH AIRPORT (RAK) **Located 5 kilometres from Marrakesh city centre. **RAK Airport is a focus city for Ryanair
**Tangier: Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport
The airport is named for Ibn Battouta (1304-1368), a Moroccan traveler who was born in Tangier.
**Fes :
Saïss Airport or Fès–Saïss Airport
**Located about 13 km from the city center of Fez