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Thematic Travel: Tedrart Corp

We are currently seeking experts in the fields of watercolor painting, travel journalism, photography, as well as therapists with expertise in the domains of art, photography, health, and well-being to oversee our curated holiday experiences.

Our endeavor represents an ambitious and environmentally conscious initiative, a result of the merger between Morocco Ecoway and Tedrart Corp, now operating under the unified entity of Tadrart Corp, in the enchanting Skoura oasis and all over Morocco. In our commitment to preserving the environment, we deliberately eschew mass tourism and are devoted to the development of eco-tourism that respects both the natural surroundings and the longstanding traditions of the region.

Our workshops serve as a means to draw tourists to the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert, and a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. desert of morocco, complementing the inherent allure of the location. We maintain a minimum participation threshold of six individuals with a cap at fourteen. Workshop facilitators will receive accommodations, meals, and full participation in all excursions, with the exception of their flight.

Each student is offered comprehensive accommodation, dining, engagement in all excursions, the exception of the flight expenses.

The duration of our courses varies, extending for a minimum of one week, or longer, depending on the chosen thematic focus. You will assume responsibility for recruiting students from your own professional network, although Tadrart Corp will facilitate online workshop promotion to support your efforts.

Why " watercolor Voyage"?

It is a daily journey. With So many encounters of life, stories, costumes, customs that titillate us every day. What possibilities of escapes from a sometimes gloomy daily life, as soon as we open our eyes and take out the brushes! When you have visited our sites, you will quickly understand that watercolour is a way to communicate, to exchange, to share, to open up to others, to give them a look, a smile, to listen to them, to speak to them and to give them a voice. Going beyond difference, opening the door to it through dialogue, moving towards tolerance and leaving aside all prejudices, a few steps from home or halfway around the world, the approach is the same. Watercolor is a means of escape, a language, full of colors and softness, it invites us to a journey towards the unknown, which is why we propose you a trip sketch in watercolor and propose you to share these strokes of pencils and brushes.